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KCDC 7th Annual Skate Night

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KCDC Skateshop 7th Annual Skate Night

We hosted our 7th annual Skate Night on March 30th 2017 at The Gutter in Williamsburg and it was a night for the books!  The Gutter graciously opened their space up for a full-fledged bowling tournament and mini ramp best trick contest.   Pizza was provided by Sizzle Pie while HUF and Jenkem brought the ruckus.   We couldn’t have been happier with how things turned out and the tricks that went down!  Twenty teams signed up for bowling and of course, only one could be crowned winner.  Of course it was friends of The Gutter who won.  Rigged?  Maybe.  Probably not.  Shane, of the band Slashers, slayed the mic all night, commanding the mini ramp session like a conductor of an orchestra.   Pat Smith of Coda Skateboards can be thanked for building the perfect sized ramp for the room; it’s because of him such epic tricks were made possible!  All in all the night went great and we are so happy to have such an amazing community of skateboarders here in New York City.  Thank you to everyone who came out.  Thank you HUF, Jenkem, NYSkateboarding, Coda Skateboards, Sizzle Pie, PBR and most importantly, The Gutter!  KCDC is proud to be your local skateshop and we love you all!  We do this for you and intend on always putting skateboarding first!            

Words and Photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller 

Shots with Jenkem



Photos by Nathan Hutsenpiller





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